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An accredited training provider,  Avalon provides Specialised Healthcare training to Agencies and their staff in the uk.

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We are providers of healthcare training, offering onsite Health and Social Care courses to both individuals and organizations in Manchester and across the United Kingdom. Our courses are ideal for Healthcare Assistants, Nurses and Healthcare Workers in the UK.

Our comprehensive suite of healthcare courses aims to ensure quality, standards, and compliance in the workplace. These courses are crucial for staff working in various healthcare settings, such as NHS Hospitals, Private Hospitals, Private Clinics, Residential and Nursing Homes, Supported Living, Domiciliary Care, Childcare, GP Surgeries, Dental Practices, and any other healthcare environments.

Healthcare training

Our Healthcare Courses

pmva training
AVALON's PMVA Training Manchester

Join either our 3-Day PMVA Training or take a 1-Day PMVA Refresher in our Manchester centre

AVALON's PMVA Training London

Live in London and looking for PMVA? Avalon's PMVA training in London holds once a month.

AVALON's PMVA Training Birmingham

PMVA Training in Birmingham holds once a month. Individual participants and agencies welcome.

pmva training in London
CSTF Mandatory Training Manchester

Avalon's CSTF (All in One Day) Mandatory holds every Wednesday in Manchester.

pmva training
CSTF Mandatory Training London

Avalon's CSTF (All in One Day) Mandatory Training in London is currently on hold.

pmva training
Engagement and Observation Training

1-DAY Classroom training. Holds every Saturday in Manchester.

Infection Control Advanced

Build on your existing infection control knowledge. Take control and protect.

Fire Safety Train the Trainer

Gain the skills and knowledge to train your staff in Fire Safety in house.

Medication Train the Trainer

Gain the skills and knowledge to train your staff in Medication Awareness.

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