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Suitable for both agencies and individual applicants, Avalon’s popular PMVA Training courses are ideal for anyone working in a setting where violent or aggressive behaviour could occur.

3-day PMVA Training & PMVA Refresher Courses

PMVA Training in London. Practical PMVA Training From £155 only!

PMVA Training
Christabel KuimbaGoogle Review
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Omg the best detailed training i have ever had.very professional…Collins was very patient with us. Enjoyed my pmva
Justina OpawoyeGoogle Review
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The training went very well. I gained beneficial knowledge and I'm looking forward to be using the newly acquired skill/knowledge.
Bukola FatumoGoogle Review
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This Healthcare company provided hands-on in-service training for prospective and professional healthcare givers
Tatenda MwayeraGoogle Review
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I enjoyed the training, it is so informative and on point.
Ene Ben- UlokoGoogle Review
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I was part of the Mapa training and I must state that it was very informative, insightful and interesting. The training staff was very passionate and impressive. I recommend this to anyone looking to having such training.

Feedback From Participants

The trainers are wonderful, they usually take their time to explain anything you found difficult or challenging to you. The training environment is also conducive...Read More »
in the last week muyiwa olugola
The experience so far has been fantastic, detailed both practical and theory aspects of it. The trainers did good a job, the class was interactive...Read More »
in the last week Taofiq Awodele
The training was quite interesting and adequately delivered. The presentation was simple and up-to-date. The trainers are perfect in delivery, they did justice to their...Read More »
in the last week Daramola Paul
The PMVA training centre was excellent. The trainers were highly knowledgeable and provided thorough, hands-on training in PMVA. I feel much better prepared to identify...Read More »
in the last week Ajibola Gbolahan
A Master class training presentation. Exceeded my expectations. Though its physical with targeted exercises tailored towards specific intervention. I will rate them...Read More »
2 months ago Toyin Blessing James

Avalon's PMVA Course Outline

What does PMVA Mean and what Do I Get to learn in a PMVA Training?

PMVA stands for Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression. It's typically required by those working in Healthcare although it's also a valuable training in other sectors. Avalon's PMVA courses cover a range of topics to equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to prevent and manage violent or aggressive behaviors effectively. Our PMVA courses aim to empower participants with the confidence and competence to effectively manage challenging situations while prioritizing the safety and well-being of all individuals involved. Here's a more detailed breakdown of our course:
Understanding Aggression

Participants learn about the different forms of aggression, including verbal, physical, and psychological, as well as the triggers and warning signs.

Risk Assessment

Techniques for assessing the level of risk in a situation, including recognizing environmental factors that may contribute to aggression

Communication Skills

Training in effective communication strategies, including de-escalation techniques, active listening, and empathetic communication to defuse tense situations.

Physical Intervention Techniques

Instruction in safe and appropriate physical intervention methods, including breakaway techniques, holds, and restraint positions. Emphasis is placed on minimizing harm to both the individual and the caregiver.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Understanding the legal and ethical frameworks surrounding the use of physical intervention, including relevant legislation and organizational policies.

Documentation and Reporting

Guidelines for documenting incidents of aggression, including what information to record and how to report incidents to appropriate authorities.

Post-Incident Support

Training on providing support to individuals involved in incidents of aggression, including debriefing, counseling, and follow-up care.

Practical Exercises and Role-Playing

Hands-on practice sessions where participants can apply the skills learned in simulated scenarios, allowing for feedback and reinforcement of learning.

Risk Management Strategies

Developing strategies for preventing and minimizing the risk of aggression in various settings, such as healthcare facilities, schools, or residential care homes.

Continuing Professional Development

Encouragement for ongoing learning and skill development, including resources for further training and self-study.

pmva training in london

Why you should take your PMVA Course with Avalon Care Training.

At £155 for a 3-day course, Our PMVA training is affordable, suitable for organisations who need their staff trained in prevention and management of violence and aggression. We partner with many agencies, provide group bookings and are able to offer discounts depending on the numbers.
Our Course is also highly rated by participants with many 5-star reviews on google. Our course is GSA approved and we are currently undergoing the process to be accredited by BILD Association of Certified Training (BILD ACT).
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What Our PMVA London Course Covers

PMVA Training Day 1

The PMVA Training course covers conflict management, breakaway & control and restraint all delivered together. Our training is based on a person-centred approach to conflict and difficult behaviour for proactive and responsive service delivery
This 3 day Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) Training is an advisable requirement for any member of staff that works in a violent/ aggressive setting, particularly within a mental health environment. Course Highlights include:
pmva training in birmingham

Training Locations

Take your training at any of our locations identified below. For agencies, we can hold the training at your location.

pmva training in sheffield
pmva training london
pmva training in birmingham
pmva training london

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PMVA Training For London

Course Structure

First, candidates complete a short theory Elearning module to gain foundational knowledge. Then, they attend a 3-day practical course to expand their understanding of primary, secondary, and tertiary strategies in dealing with challenging behavior. 

Curriculum Highlights

Candidates also receive training in various physical intervention skills. This comprehensive approach equips them with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively respond to challenging behavior within their specific populations and settings.

Practical Application

This course places a strong emphasis on practical application, ensuring that candidates not only acquire theoretical knowledge but also gain hands-on experience in using the strategies and skills taught.


 Candidates receive a Bild ACT Certified training certificate upon successful completion. This certificate is valid for three years, allowing them to work in various facilities. The certification attests to their competence in handling challenging behavior and is recognized nationwide.

PMVA Training Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

PMVA Stands for Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression. 

1PMVA training equips healthcare professionals with the needed skills to anticipate aggression, thereby preventing or managing it effectively. It’s important for healthcare workers as it helps them understanding triggers and warning signs, and then implement preventive measures, promoting a safer environment for everyone

Our PMVA courses teach you the techniques you need to manage violence and aggression. Our modules include:

– Understanding Aggression
– Risk Assessment
– Communication Skills
– Physical and intervention techniques
– Legal and ethical considerations

And others as listed in our course outline.

There are no specific requirements for you to attend our PMVA training course. It is however expected that you are working or will work in healthcare, security or related roles that require the knowledge that PMVA offers.

No. There are no stringent clothing requirements for you to attend our PMVA training course. We however advise that you wear dark coloured clothes, below the elbow. You are also encouraged to wear comfy shoes, no high heel and to ensure you have no fixed or long nails.

Yes. You would receive an official certificate of completion in PMVA on completion of your training with Avalon Care Training

Each PMVA training block lasts 3 days generally. The course is completed within 3 days. PMVA Refresher is typically 1 day only.

Yes. You can get a refund if this is requested within 14 days of your booking. Please note that we may deduct administrative charges while processing refunds. 

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